Research Topic

The research topic of the team is the application of digital technology to economic relations and the relative issues arising within the context of private law.

Indicatively the team will focus on the following areas:

  • Automatization and General Computational Theory

  • Human-Machine interactions

    • Instrumental

    • Symbiotic

    • Autonomous

  • General theory of Private Law and digitality / artificial intelligence

    • Tortious liability

    • Contractual relations

  • IT Contracts

    • Hardware, Software

    • Provider

  • Special Cases

    • Blockchain

    • Smart Contracts

    • Digital Currencies

    • DO (Distributed Organizations)

    • Digital Commons

    • Networks

    • Multiagent Systems / Internet of Things

    • Robot Advisers / High Frequency Trading / Algorithmic Trading

    • AI / Autonomous Machines

    • Intellectual Property – GPL / CC

    • Internet torts



The goal of the research team is the creation of an academic research node, which will be able to attract on the one hand young researchers and on the other hand international collaboration schemes. Within this context, the team is willing to organize educational as well as research activities.